Nurse checking paperworkNursing job opportunities are abundant in the beautiful “Yellowhammer State”.  The top four cities in Alabama have median salaries for registered nurses as follows: Birmingham $61,467, Mobile $59,131, Huntsville $63,209 and lastly Montgomery at around $56,192.  Nine of the top 25 employers in Alabama are hospitals or medical centers. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Hospital is the top healthcare employer in the state with over 6,000 employees. Huntsville Hospital is 3rd largest with over 5,000. The other seven hospitals combined employ over 2,200 nurses and other health care employees.

Ten Largest Alabama Hospitals

  • University Of Alabama Hospital
  • Bryce Hospital
  • Huntsville Hospital
  • Brookwood Medical Center
  • Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
  • Searcy Hospital
  • Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital
  • Princeton Baptist Medical Center
  • Dch Regional Medical Center
  • Montclair Baptist Medical Center

Top three Alabama Cities

Alabama Facts and Figures

  • 2012 Unemployment Rate: 7.2%
  • Unemployment Rank: 24 of 50
  • 2011 Per Capita Income: $34,650.00
  • Per Capita Income Rank: 42 of 50
  • 2011 Cost of Living Index: 92.2
  • Cost of Living Rank: 11 of 50

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